I am Just Fine

Lately, people have been treating me differently. It’s because Joshua and I are getting a divorce. They don’t know what to say, or they have questions but are afraid to ask. I commented on this to Melanie tonight and she said the same is happening to her and her friends.

I AM JUST FINE. Yes, he is gone. Yes, it was devastating. But I am moving on with my life and am pretty happy right now. I am concentrating on my fledgling business, concentrating on my kids, and my OWN happiness.

Joshua and I married when I was just 17. I went straight from my parent’s home to being a wife and mother. I have never lived on my own. Yes, Melanie lives here too, but I still consider this living alone. Not much is different. I have to take out the garbage (new experience, Joshua usually remembered before i would), and home maintenance are the 2 things I am getting used to.

But the biggest issue I have is that people I THOUGHT were my friends have disappeared. I don’t know why, I am the same person, just minus a husband. It is situations like this that show you who your true friends are, and they know I am just fine.


2 Responses to “I am Just Fine”

  1. It’s hard to imagine people in new ways and now that the designation “Josh’s wife” is gone, maybe people don’t know what label to give you. You know I have a few 😉 (and they’re all good). It’s probably a period of readjustment, kind of like what you’re having. The friends worth having will be there for you 🙂

  2. This happens during a divorce, its like ‘his’ and ‘her’ friends, had the same thing happen. Only in touch still with one couple who, honestly made their own decisions about it.

    And sorry this is way behind, but I just found this link on your fb and I’m catching up

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